The Spiritual Practice of Taking a Shower

Over the next couple of months I and hopefully some of my friends and colleagues will be blogging about What is a Spiritual Practice?.  As I mentioned last week the purpose of this blog series to to stimulate our thinking beyond prayer and bible study so that all of us can connect our spirituality more concretely to the everyday activities of life.  if you would like to provide a guest post for this blog series please let me know there is still time to participate so please let me know.

Here is a prayer that a friend of mine wrote when contemplating the spirituality of taking a shower.  She has taped onto the wall of her shower in a waterproof pouch and uses it each morning as she showers.  I thought that it was a wonderful example of how we can connect the everyday activities of life to our faith.

Shower Prayer

Maryellen Young

I take this shower in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

As the warmth of the water falls on my body, I feel the blessings of God wash over me.

As I wash my face, I pray that I would see what you would have me see and hear what you would have me hear.  I pray also that this day my face would radiate with the love of God within me.

As I wash my arms and hands, I pray this day that they will do the work you would have me do.

As I wash my legs and my feet, I pray that I may walk your path and go where you would have me go.

As I am blessed to feel this warm, flowing water, I pray for all of those who labor for water and pray that they may receive wells to ease their burden.

I pray also that I as I am blessed to have the benefit of fresh, running water, may I be a good steward of all of your resources.

As I leave this shower, clean and refreshed, I pray that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will be with me throughout the day.

6 Responses

  1. I love the shower too. Brilliant. It’s amazing how wonderful a good shower makes you feel. Love, Goddess

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