Join Us for Read the Other Month.

The month of May is Read the Other month at Mustard Seed Associates as part of our Alternative Calendar celebration and we are encouraging people to consider reading literature that they would not usually look at.  If you never read fiction this is the time to dip into it, or poetry or maybe you want to consider books or articles written by authors from non European cultures.  

To be honest I have not been very faithful in this discipline but it rose the the forefront of my mind as I read this thought provoking article that Eliacin recently wrote: Out of The Socially Constructed Box on  and watched this compelling interview dealing with oppression amongst Native American communities in North America recently published on theOoze.TV

For me reading the other means reading books and articles and watching interviews like this written by people from other cultures as well as reading authors who come from different faith perspectives than I do.  I find that my own world view and faith are constantly challenged by this type of reading.  

So join us for Read the other Month and let us know how it impacts your life. The upcoming MSA Seed Sampler will be on Encountering the Other and we would like to be able to tell stories of how people have been impacted by reading the other.   






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