The Good News Series

As I have mentioned before JR Woodward has been hosting a fascinating series on The Good News throughout the Easter season.  I have just contributed this post which looks at the good news of the transformation that God accomplishes in our lives.  Not surprising – it is based on my Garbage to Gold post.  

There are some great entries in this series – check them out here:

April 13: Len Hjalmarson / The Good News post
April 14: J.R. Rozko / The Good News post
April 15: Brad Sargent / The Good News post
April 16: John Chandler / The Good News post
April 17: Sivin Kit / The Good News post
April 18: Brother Maynard / The Good News post
April 19: Danny Gutierrez / The Good News post
April 20: Dave Kludt / The Good News post
April 21: Kurt Fredrickson / The Good News post
April 22: Winn Collier / The Good News post
April 23: J.R. Briggs / The Good News post
April 24: Noel Heikkinen / The Good News post
April 25: Dustin James / The Good News post
April 26: Jim Pace / The Good News post
April 27: Erika Haub / The Good News post
April 28: AJ Sherrill / The Good News post
April 29: Andrew Perriman / The Good News post
April 30: Raffi Shahinian / The Good News post
May 1: Benjamin Sternke / The Good News post
May 2: Joey Tomassoni / The Good News post
May 3: Brian Hopper / The Good News post
May 4: David Fitch / The Good News post
May 5: Christine Sine / The Good News post
May 6: Jonathan Dodson / The Good News post
May 7: Kathy Hanson
May 8: Jason Clark
May 9: Alistair Johnson
May 10: Greg Larson
May 11: Brian Russell
May 12: Sonja Andrews
May 13: Jamie Arpin-Ricci
May 14: Nathan Colquhoun
May 15: Todd Hiestand
May 16: Doug Paul
May 17: Luis Fernando Batista
May 18: Evan Hansen
May 19: John Santic
May 20: Mark Van Steenwyk
May 21: Ryan Bell
May 22: Eugene Cho
May 23: Joe Racek
May 24: Audrey Blumber
May 25: Tony Stiff
May 26: Maria Drews
May 27: Jason Coker
May 28: Andy Bleyer
May 29: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
May 30: Jon Tyson
May 31: JR Woodward

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