Garbage Into Gold


Gabriel admires the worms

Gabriel admires the worms

Saturday was garden day at the Mustard Seed House. We planted cabbages and cauliflowers, broccoli and lettuce.  We dug the beds and turned the compost.  it was surprisingly the compost that held my attention the longest.  I was amazed by the thousands of worms diligently at work transforming our stinky food waste and garbage into black gold.  Gone were moldy left overs from the fridge and the rotten potatoes that had not survived our hard frosts this year.  In their place was rich black sweet smelling compost ready to be spread on the garden.  It is the best fertilizer around – not only adding nutrients to the soil but improving the structure so that roots can grow deeper and water is better retained

As I contemplated this amazing transformation I could not help but think of the ways that God transforms our lives.  Often it is the stinky smelly things from our past, those things we want to throw out in the garbage that God wants to transform into the foundations of our faith and ministry.  It is often the addictions, failures and inadequacies of our lives that God transforms into our strengths.  At least that has been the experience of my life.

Thank God for compost and worms.  Thank God for the healing and transforming power of the gospel that can take the very worst of who we have been and transform us all into the people God intends us to be


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  1. This week is when we begin to till up the backyard. We, too, are excited to see what lies beneath and what God will do as he tills up the cold, hard earth that goes unnoticed in our hearts. Composting is a great image, “Oh, I am a worm!”

    May God bless the Mustard Seed Garden with rich soil, abundant growth, and a minimum amount of tares – just enough to remind you of God’s grace, love, and patience in our lives!

  2. […] produce a bumper crop next year.  Just build up the soil with some of that compost which is itself transformed garbage and wait for the planting season to […]

  3. […] And what do we build up the soil with? The best organic fertilizer of all is compost – garbage transformed to gold. My colleague Andy Wade has just written a couple of great posts on this on the MSA […]

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