More Reflections for Lent

Here are a few more reflections on week 3 of Lent

From Kathy Escobar on homelessness – not just physical but spiritual and emotional. Read here

Ryan decided to go in a different direction than this Lenten guide but I still thought that you would enjoy his reflections in this post Too Entertained

As we draw towards Easter I notice that people are not so focused on Lent anymore in spite of the fact that there are still two weeks to go.  Unfortunately it does not seem to me that they are focusing on Easter and the resurrection instead.  Why is it that bad news seems to attract our attention more than good even as we read the gospels?  it is easier for us to think about the things that Jesus says we should not be doing than to form our lives around the life that he tells us we should be leading.

In many ways it seems to me we still live in a fallen world with a fallen theology that is more concerned about what we don’t do than about what we should do – we are more focused on death than life…. and we wonder why people are not attracted to the gospels.

How are you planning to celebrate Easter?  Not just the day but the whole season up to Pentecost?

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  1. i haven’t really thought about easter too much during lent, other than the fact that lent it difficult and i’ll be excited to celebrate Christ’s life by doing some of the things i gave up. i’ve also never thought of easter as the whole time between easter and pentecost. that is very interesting. what are some normal ways people celebrate easter over an elongated period of time? thanks for provoking me to think.

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