Join Eugene Cho and the Global Poverty Innitiative

Here at the Mustard Seed House we are getting ready to participate in the Mutunga $2 challenge starting on Sunday.  We are doing this a week earlier than suggested in the Lenten guide because Ricci and Eliacin will become parents again in just over a week.  It has made me think again about what changes we could make in our diet over the long term in order to free up more money to give to the fight against global poverty.

No one I know is more committed to this fight than our friend Eugene Cho who has started the Global Poverty initiative as a way to reach out to those in extreme poverty.  Eugene has committed far more than a week’s savings on groceries to the cause of overcoming poverty and his story seemed a very appropriate one to share as we look towards this coming week.

I have some both good and bad news to share during this Feb/March update.   As I shared in the December ‘08 update, this has been one of the most humbling seasons of our life. When we went public with our vision to give our year’s salary to start this poverty initiative, we had absolutely no idea what was in store with the financial crisis and meltdown. Our convictions have been tested but each time we think about how “bad” we have it, we’re reminded of the grave situation for the poorest of the poor – those affected by “extreme global poverty” – some of whom I saw with my own eyes during a recent trip to South Africa.  Read more

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  1. Just last year, a local florida news station did an expose’ on bioperformance that helped them get closed by the texas attorney general?

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