An Historic Day

The day is almost over, the crowds have dispersed from the Mall and all of us are grateful for the opportunity we have had to watch the happenings on this historic day.  Even my friends and family in Australia have had their eyes glued to the TV screen for hours watching the parade and listening to Obama’s inaugural speech.  There is such a sense of anticipation and expectation that Obama’s election has ushered in changed world that it is probably impossible for him to live up to the expectations but above all there is hope and without hope life is very bleak indeed.

So what are we hoping for?  As followers of Christ we are probably very well aware that God is the only one who can usher in the kind of hope that we would like but unless we beleive that change is possible and that God’s desire is to see the world transformed than we will never see things change at all.  Because of that I think we do have an obligation to pray for Obama and all those who are now in government.  And above all I pray that they might be touched by God’s vision for a transformed world and that in his policies and presidency we might at least see glimpses of God’s world of righteousness and justice and freedom.


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