More Christmas Prayers

This morning I have been reading through some Advent meditations sent to me by our good friend Mark Pierson in New Zealand  Unfortunately they arrived too late to use for Advent but Mark’s reflections are always refreshing and provocative.  I have adapted one here that really impacted me this morning:

God moved into the neighbouhood, as a baby.  Powerless.  Vulnerable.  Approximately 500,000 mothers die in childbirth each year most of them in the poorest countries of our world.  When a mother dies like this it is almost certain that her child will die too God takes a risk.  Where in the world today will women be giving birth in similar circumstances to Mary?

Take a flower and place beside your Advent wreath.  As you watch it this week let it remind you of women living in poverty and crisis who are carry and bearing children in situations even more dire than Mary’s.  Pray for them

Here is another Christmas prayer that this reflection inspired

Jesus you come

In the voice of the poor

In the hurting of the sick

In the anguish of the oppressed

Jesus you come

In the weakness of the vulnerable

In the questions of the doubting

In the fears of the dying

Jesus come

Transform our indifference into caring

Transform our acquisition into sharing

Transform our hearts of stone to compassion

Jesus come

6 Responses

  1. Lovely, Chris. I always enjoy your reflective prayers.

  2. Thanks and many blessings on you this Christmas season

  3. Love the reflective prayer. Happy Christmas to you. Judith

  4. Christine – You have felt the power of love touch your cheek, and bless those you share with the joy it has brought you. God’s peace be with you as we remember the time of Christ’s being present with us in the child Jesus. – Larry –

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