New Meaning For Black Friday.

Well Black Friday has claimed its victims.  The first occurred in Long Island New York at a Walmart store but I have heard of other deaths as well since then.  As my friend Peter Geel commented

Strange, isn’t it, how in Saudi Arabia, people get stampeded during the Hajj. In India, during the pilgrimage to the Mandhara Devi shrine on a holy day. In America, when Walmart opens on Black Friday.

And another comment from Carol Ann Bass

I thought about that similarity as well and also about the soccer (futball) rushes too where people perish. It seems, however, that when it happens in situations like a shopping spree attended in order to buy more” things” for a spiritual holiday like Christmas, something is terribly vacant in our morality.

And some good thoughts and reflections on the subject from Eugene Cho at Beauty and Depravity

And all done in order to keep America spending and reboot the economy.

3 Responses

  1. Christine,

    Sadly two men die in a shooting at Toys ‘R’ Us in Palm Desert, the shooting was apparently sparked by a personal dispute between shoppers.

  2. This really is appalling. To think that people could shoot each other over the purchase of toys is something that I cannot even imagine. I suspect however that emotions do come to boiling point more easily when people are under the stresses of concern about jobs and fnances that many are suffering at the moment.

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