Coffeehouse Theology

I have just been reading Ed Cyzewski’s book Coffehouse Theology, and thoroughly enjoying it, maybe because so many of his ideas are ones that I could easily have written about myself.  Ed shares lots of great stories that help us to think about how to connect our theology to everyday life experiences and raise some important issues for all of us to grapple with.  It is both provocative and thoughtfully written with extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter that make me feel that I need to do lots more reading in the next few months.  This is going to be a good resource for me in days to come.

Here are some of my favourite quotes

we should always link theology to the work of living out the gospel and drawing people to God.  While we form theology for our own spiritual growth, we should also form theology to be transformed into God’s people who demonstrate God to others and to respond to the questions that arise every day among those who don’t yet know him (p35)

What if a book unfolded a different and even true story with supernaturlal possibilities, an alternative to our materialistic, fast paced, me first world?  As a Christian I can confidently say the Bible does just that. (p142)

Beyond these “Aha!” moments that provide a new insight into Scripture, Christians from other parts of the world can significantly challenge our beleifs and how we interpret the Bible. (p194)

If we hold to the core beleifs of Christianity such as thouse expressed in the Nicene Creed, yet we boldly seek other Christians to provide fresh angles on our other interpretations of scripture, we make ourselves dependent on other Christians.  And that’s a good thing (p211)

This last quote in particular reminds me of how much we can learn about God through Christians who see him with different eyes and that really is a good thing.

Ed has also written some great articles recently that address the issues in his book.  You can check them out on The Ooze, and Emergent Village, You might also like to check out what other bloggers are saying about the book on Ed’s own blog. I look forward to following the discussions that emerge from this important book


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