Prayer For the Journey

Well, lift off time is only a couple of hours away and this seemed an appropriate time to share a Celtic journey prayer. Celtic Christians often set off on journeys or perigrinatio sometimes with no specific destination in mind. they believed that every journey was an opportunity to walk with God and for God to walk with them. The destination did not matter because the journey was an inner journey of discovery to discover Christ in new aspects of life. They viewed themselves as guests of the world. Every experience encountered or activity undertaken was an opportunity to meet or to represent Christ. Here is one of my favourite journey prayers. Of course the most famous journeyer of all was Brendan who many believe discovered America.

God be with thee in every pass

Jesus be with thee on every hill,

Sprit be with thee on every stream,

Headland and ridge and lawn

Each sea and land, each moor and meadow,

Each lying down, each rising up,

In the trough of the waves, on the crest of the billows,

Each step of the journey thou goest

2 Responses

  1. How asleep we are
    Oh,how we sleep
    Until before us opens
    A glimpse of the Unseen

    Then all life yearns to be a prayer
    A single gentle wave
    Surrendering at it’s depths
    All praise into the Sea

    Why have we lost the poetry of life in the west? Thanks for providing a place to reconnect to the Celtic attitude.

  2. Jon,
    Its true. I think that it is partly the result of our utilitarian approach to life. I think that we miss out on beauty in a lot of dimension – we don’t know how to sit and appreciate what God has created. We only know how to use and abuse it. So if something has no apparent use we ignore it.

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