Smoking Rewires the Brain

Here are some links to articles on Stephen Leahy’s blog about concerning health issues

Smoking rewires the Brain

Junk Food and Smoking to Kill 100s of millions in Poor Countries

As a medical doctor these are issues that concern me deeply. I feel they are issues that we should be just as concerned because of our Christian commitment. How can young people reach God’s full potential for them when their brains are being destroyed in this way? How can our poor neighbours become the people God intends them to be when their lives too are being cut short? We are all part of God’s human family and I believe therefore that we have a responsibility to become advocates for our sisters and brothers.

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  1. Look pal, Dr. Einstein smoked and I won’t go into the thousands more who are smarter than you. Brains destroyed.??

    Also,this is the first time I’ve heard God invoked in the tobacco war. That one could backfire.

    You medicine men are ruining your credibility with such absurdities.

  2. Hi Joe Camel good to hear from you. I thought that you died of lung cancer a long time ago. Also I am not a medicine man, I am a medicine woman. Maybe your brain is working a little slower than you realized.

  3. Christine Sine

    Died of lung cancer? More evidence that you”doctors” don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyone who refers to smokers as stupid is gonna get cut up like hog bacon. I make a sport of same on the Web.

    See the above.


  4. I think, for those of us who are Christians, that mentioning God is more than relevant in how we treat our bodies. For me, it is my diet, since I do not smoke. (Well, an occasional cigar perhaps). Our spirituality is certainly not divorced from our bodies. Thanks for your post and concern.

  5. Rich
    I agree wholeheartedly. I think that the Levitical laws reflect this. They provide guidelines for good physical health as well as good spiritual health.

  6. Perhaps another serious area to consider is how we invest in companies that deeply affect the health of two-thirds world brothers and sisters. Although our government no longer support tobacco subsidies, many of us Christians unwittingly invest in companies that dump toxic waste in countries that are poor and see this as a quick means of “financial aid”. We also continue to support “food aid” programs that require receiving countries to purchase with those aid $$ more expensive and less nutritional grains because the money comes back into the pockets of large, American owned, multinational corporations.
    Here’s an excerpt from a NY Times article:
    “But the law in the United States requires that virtually all its donated food be grown in America and shipped at great expense across oceans, mostly on vessels that fly American flags and employ American crews — a process that typically takes four to six months.”

  7. Andy a very good point. This is one that I have struggled with a lot as I work in the Two Thirds world. Ethical investing is such an important area to be aware of.

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