Not For Sale

Since I wrote my comments yesterday I have been thinking a lot about accomplishment. A couple of weeks ago I wrote that in order to move from poverty to the middle class people often need to give up relationships for accomplishment. My question is why don’t we see relationship as accomplishment. This week I have had 4 lunches with friends, provided afternoon tea for out of town guests, and talked to numbers of others on the phone…and tonight we pick up the Rosarios from the airport then early tomorrow morning head down to Portland to visit my best friends and attend the George Fox graduation. Why don’t I see that as accomplishment? I realize with embarrassment that I really have bought into our culture’s idea of what is important and what is of value. If it doesn’t produce a product (such as when I work on the MSA Seed Sampler) or produce an income (such as a speaking event) then I tend to under value what I do.

Maybe I need to read some of my own articles about the need for balance again. I realize that this business of living to the rhythm God intends for us is a continual learning experience. I feel sometimes that I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. May God give me the grace to see all I commit my time to as accomplishments to the kingdom.

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