Jesus is Risen

Easter is still a week away but maybe because the spring flowers are all pushing there sunny heads out of the earth, I cannot wait until next week to add this video. The contrast between the emotions that Good Friday evokes and those of Easter Sunday is incredible. We are so fortunate that we know the end from the beginning yet because of this we rarely enter into the full experience of Easter with the despair of the crucifixion and the death of Christ turning to such incredible joy just a few days later.

There is another reason too that I want to focus beyond Good Friday today. A couple of days ago I heard that a good friend of ours in England is dying of cancer. She is now in her final days. She has 2 little kids. The agony of that for her and her family is devastating and for them the hope of resurrection is as intangible as it must have been for the disciples 2 thousand years ago. May this Easter season for all of us be a time of hope and anticipation even in the midst of the dispair and pain that fills our world.


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