The Rhythm of Aging

Last Saturday I conducted a Rhythms of Grace retreat for my church. It was a wonderful day spent with godly women at a beautiful retreat center near Seattle. My most impacting impressions came from a discussion that developed around the transformative power of pain. Pain and death bring about changes in our lives that most of us would like to ignore. But often it is these difficult transitions that bring us closer to God and so we spent a lot of time talking about how we should celebrate these difficult times. One participant shared about how her business held a hat party for a woman who was having chemotherapy. What a neat idea! Another shared about how while a close friend was dying she had sat around with other close friends singing the woman’s favourite hymns. As she commented “I hope someone will do that for me.” Celebration is not just about the fun things of life. Evidently the Jews celebrated everything good and everything bad that happened to them and I think that we need to as well.


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