Is this a fast?

Here finally is the video that I intended to upload at the beginning of the week. I have really struggled to put it together, partly because the issue of poverty is so close to my heart. Isaiah 58 is my life scripture and reading through it again this week has brought back many memories for me. Many of the photos I have used are from the refugee camps in Thailand where I worked in the mid 1980s, a season of my life that was pivotal for me. It challenged me to realize that my faith was not primarily about my own needs but rather about using my gifts to meet the needs of others.

This week as we have lived out the Mutunga challenge & cut our food budget to $2 has reminded me again of the call that God placed on my life so many years ago. I feel that this has been a time of recommitment for me to the needest in our world.

2 Responses

  1. […] 7th, 2007 · No Comments Those who know of the Sines know the depth from which this provocative video comes. While many know Isaiah 58:6-7, Christine reminds us that there is much more to the passage […]

  2. Incredibly powerful.
    Thank you for sharing this beautifully moving piece.

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