Advent liturgy

The music for this litugy is O Come, O Come Emmanuel from A Quiet Knowing Christmas by Jeff Johnson –

A high resolution version of this video entitled Waiting for the Light is now available for download from mustard seed associates

Check out the new 2008 Advent Meditation

And the Advent meditation for 2009


22 Responses

  1. Wonderful reflection Christine! Just what the doctor ordered!

    Keep listening and keep writing! You are a blessing!

  2. Christine,

    that is a beautiful liturgy. Would it be possible to get it in a form that i could expand to fill my computer screen for a small group gathering in my and Jeff’s home in a couple of weeks?

    I hope you and Tom are well.

  3. A great liturgy that helps to set the theme for Advent. Useful resource for church services in Advent for those with
    digital projectors.


  4. Thanks for your responses – a real encouragement to know people appreciate this and I will try to get some more up in the future. If you want to download the video so that you can show it full screen you can do so directly from YouTube at

  5. Beautiful! I forwarded it to everyone at my church and I plan to show it to our RCIA participants tonight. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for this, Christine…haunting and beautiful.

  7. Is it possible to get a higher quality version of this to show to a larger group?

    Thanks for sharing this advent gift with us!

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  10. Can I please purchase the CD for Advent

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  12. Hi Christine, Greetings from Sunny Christchurch and from an old new lifer now an Anglican priest! How can I go about purchasing your VERY EXCELLENT Advent CD? Blessings and love, Ian.

  13. Hi Christine,
    any chance I could download the “Advent liturgy” from anywhere – YouTube doesn’t work that way. I would love to use it in our worship service on sunday 2nd Dec.

  14. Christine,
    I would also like to use it for Advent in a Celtic service. Any possibility? It’s lovely!

  15. […] all that we long for at the beginning of this season.  It also provides the background music for the Advent meditation video that I made last year.  So you might like to watch that again as a preview to the […]

  16. Hi Christine and others,

    The video is nice as is the music. However, we are not waiting, ALL these things have happened and have been fulfilled. I am not sure if you intent was to say that at Christmas time we are looking for these things or not, but some could take it that way.

    Jesus did all these things and has already restored the relation ship to God. And if you have accepted this gift, he dwells in you. If you have accepted the gift of God, then you only purpose here is to show others the way as well. We are not waiting for this time, it is here now!

    We are now only waiting for his return and for the time of the gentiles to be over.

    So lets celebrate Christmas, Jesus has already done all these things, and it was awesome, we need not look expectantly. But tell others that He has done these things and wait for the place he is preparing for us.

  17. Eddie,
    I do agree that all of these things are accomplished in Christ but we do not as yet see them fully expressed in our world. I don’t know about you but I long for the day when all those we love find their full redemption & restoration in Christ. I long for the day when there is no more poverty and suffering in our world, for the day when there is no more death or crying or pain All of this has been conquered in Christ but we live in that in between time when Christ has conquered but we do not see the full realization of that promise

  18. Well done Christine. Let’s see some more. We ahve really enjoyed this offering.

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  20. I would very much like to purchase this CD to use in our worship. Please tell me how.

  21. […] in the background— in celebration of the beginning of the Christian season of Advent. H/T Godspace and Sanctifying […]

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